Fisherman's Wharf Gloucester

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Fisherman's Wharf Fire of 1998

It’s hard to believe how far the Fisherman’s Wharf has come since a tragic fire on August 18, 1998.  One of the most devastating fires ever in Gloucester, the conflagration was seen for miles.  It put over a dozen fishing families in doubt about how they’d survive.  And it seemed to be the end of an eighty-year waterfront tradition of processing and marketing fresh fish.  The Giacalone family, using the knowledge acquired during three generations of Atlantic fishing, purchased the wharf determined to build on the traditions established by the prior owners.  In 2012, Fisherman’s Wharf re-opened and began operations in a modern, state-of-the-art fish-processing facility.  Today they are looking to expand on those great traditions and finding new ways to deliver fresh, tasty and healthy eating.