Fisherman's Wharf Gloucester

Local family, supporting local fishermen.

Eat Local, Eat Sustainable, Eat FRESH!

Fishermen currently sell most of their product after they have harvested it and its landed, and price is based on the spot market.  Processors pay based on supply and demand and the fisherman are at the mercy of how much fish is being landed from all over the united states and also whats being imported.  This program works by helping to create a stable price for some of their local product.  In return the customer will have access to the freshest fish because it will be sent directly to you without trading many hands in between.  Our Fish Club truly is the shortest path possible from boat to your plate!  Your fish is going to be what is freshly landed and processed from Fisherman's Wharf Gloucester within hours of landing.  This method is THE freshest possible way you will be able to receive whats being caught daily and we guarantee it.  As far as value, sometimes your seafood may be less expensive than a fish market and it also may be more. 


Our weekly fish Subscription works like this..... Each week Fisherman's Wharf Gloucester will deliver to one of our pickup sites near you. You will meet us to pick up your prepaid fish share.  ou have an option of either 2 lbs of boneless fillets or you could choose a whole fish share which is about a 5lb fish.   You can sign up for the fish subscription at any day anytime for a minimum of four weekly deliveries.  To be on the list for the next delivery you must join 48 hours before a delivery.   We offer two types of fish shares. The Filett share is $96 for 4 deliveries of 2 lb Fillets.  The whole fish share cost $80 for 4 deliveries of 5lb whole fish.  For everyone's convenience we have set up a recurring billing so you do not have to rejoin after your four deliveries.  We have created a signup process that is easy to use, click on the join CSF tab and become the next member of our family!