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Our fish club policy is below, please read before signing up.  If you have any questions feel free to email us at 

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Fisherman’s Wharf Gloucester Fish Club Policy

How it works made simple

By joining, you are enrolling in a weekly delivery of a fish share. You will be billed in advance of each four week delivery cycle. (prepaid for four deliveries). Cancellations must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the start of the next four week cycle. Cancellations received after that time will not be accepted until the following four week cycle. Your subscription will continue until cancelled.

Accepted forms of Payment:  Fisherman’s Wharf Gloucester uses Farmigo, a web-based software program to help manage the financial interactions between our subscribers and our Fish Club. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER ONLY. Sorry American Express is NOT accepted. .

Privacy Policy: Fishermans Wharf Gloucester nor Farmigo store or receive any financial data about you, rather we store a "token" with your member ID.  At midnight on the day that you are scheduled to have received your CSF share, Farmigo sends this token plus the amount that is due to and then your account is charged.

Canceled Delivery:  Fisherman’s Wharf Gloucester reserves the right to cancel a drop-off due to weather or any other uncontrolled issues.  Any cancellation will result in a makeup share added to the following week’s delivery or we will extend the session an extra week. 

Member Missed Pick-up: If you cannot make it to your pick-up, we cannot reimburse your share since it has already been pre-purchased.  Please arrange for a friend or family member to accept your share.  Any shares that are not picked up will be donated. 

Cancelation of subscription:  You can choose to cancel at least 5 days prior to to the start of the first delivery of the four week cycle of deliveries.  Once canceled you will be removed from the next four week delivery cycle.   Email us by contacting and stating that you would like to cancel your subscription. 

Refund Policy: Complete satisfaction is paramount to the success of our program. We are more than happy to replace any Seafood that does not meet your standards.  However all sales are final no refunds.

Shipping Policy:  We are currently not shipping seafood anywhere except for the specific locations which are listed in the beginning of the farmigo online sign-up process.

Changing Your Pick Up Location: If you want to change your pick up location, please do so 2 days before your pick up day. If you switch and then want to switch back, you’ll need to log into your account again to do so.

Variety:  Variety will be whatever the fishermen are catching in season and whatever mother nature provides.  You may have a different fish in your share than another member.  Remember unlike a traditional fish market, the purpose of the program is to supply only local sustainable product.  We can guarantee one thing that the fish you will receive will be fresh!  If you are ever unsatisfied let us know and we will do whatever we can to help!

Whole Fish:  Will be head-on, gilled, and gutted to the best of the fisherman’s ability.  Flounders, red fish, whiting and other small species won’t be gilled or gutted.

The Fillet:  It will be boneless and skinned.  However we cannot guarantee that the fillet is 100% boneless so please double check your fillet before cooking. 

Receiving Share: Your share will be packed and delivered in our plastic bag.  Please bring your own cooler or extra bags if desired.  Your share will be kept at an appropriate temperature. 

Food Allergies: Customers with food allergies are responsible to notify Fisherman’s Wharf Gloucester.  Any Kosher households please also inform us so we can meet all your Kosher requirements.  Almost all of our seafood species is Kosher

Thank You! - Your membership to Fisherman’s Wharf Gloucester reflects your commitment to help grow and strengthen the local food network. Thank you and enjoy in good health!