Fisherman's Wharf Gloucester

Local family, supporting local fishermen.

Eat Local, Eat Sustainable, Eat FRESH!

Our Story

In Gloucester Massachusetts fishing is king.  As fisherman's sons we did what many in Gloucester for generations did, get hooked into the fishing industry.  Our names are Chris, Vito Jr, and Nick Giacalone, three brothers in our late 20's.  Our story begins while on college breaks, we would go fishing on our dads boat called the "Jenny G" .   It was then we saw a necessity for a better course for the fisherman's catch.  To make a long story short we plunged into the seafood handling business in April of 2008.  We would be first generation seafood dealers, we learned from mentors Richie and Raymond Canastra well known Seafood Auction system which sells most of the landings.  We started by working out of an old run down fish wharf on the "fort" of Gloucester.  Servicing small family owned fishermen, 24-7 and often sleeping out of our office.   Now our business has grown.  Finally, we were able to invest and rebuild on our family's wharf, which we operate our state of the art full service seafood offloading facility known as  "Fisherman’s Wharf Gloucester" which we opened officially in June 2011. 


The Wharf

The property was the home of immigrant Sicilian fisherman’s cooperative founded in 1951 and operating up to the day of a catastrophic fire in 1998. Due to the declines in the fishing industry, younger generations of these fishing families were no longer directly involved in the business. The need for a new vision and a renewed financial commitment in order to rebuild and restore the property proved insurmountable for the shareholders and the decision was made to sell the property in 2003 to Vito Giacalone Sr.,  who promised to keep the wharf as a fishing staple.  He kept his promise and The Giacalone's and Gloucester once again have Fisherman's Wharf's legacy to carry on.

"The fisherman will call to let us know what time they will be at our dock, upon arrival we sort the catch and within hours that fish is on someones plate."-Vito Giacalone Jr- Owner Fisherman's Wharf Gloucester